While some Indian organizations are still sticking to their guns, pointed at Pakistani artists, a Lahore high court has lifted its ban on Indian TV dramas.

The court has lifted the 9 month long ban, imposed by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), after relationships between both the nations started sounding like a Dhinchak Pooja playlist following Uri terrorist attacks.

Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah

In this verdict, the Chief Justice Mansoor Ali Shah termed the ban “unreasonable”. He also added that “the world has become a global village and it is difficult to impose such restrictions for long time”.

Indian films returned to Pakistani theaters in 2008, after a 43-year gap, since 1965 war. The fact that Indian movies were allowed to run in cinemas while Indian teleplays were banned seemed a bit pointless to the court. With this verdict Pakistan has set an example for Indians to review their decision of boycotting Pakistani artists.

The question, right now, is will India consider this verdict as positive step taken by Pakistan and welcome Pakistani artists to work in Bollywood again?

We, at Voice Of Ram, hope that Bollywood will open it’s arms to hug Pakistani artists the moment they settle the question of nepotism, that has recently reared its son’s head.

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