An inspirational story of unity.

It was just another morning at Voice of Ram’s office. Some posts, some praises, some trolls and then.. we received an e-mail that made our day.

Meet Aamir Ali, a Pakistani, who has recently finished his masters on ‘The First Independence War of United India in 1857’ from Konya, Turkey. While most of the Indians and Pakistanis are busy challenging each other for a war, Aamir is busy setting an example for both the nations.

On 15th July 2017, Turkey organized a ceremony to pay tribute to those who died in military coup one year ago on the same date. Students from Aamir’s university were supposed to represent his/her country in the ceremony.

Aamir carrying Indian and Pakistani flags at the ceremony.

Aamir and his Indian friend, Ahmet, decided to attend the ceremony. But at the last moment, due to some personal reasons, Ahmet couldn’t be a part of it. This meant that there was no one to represent India. At this point, Aamir took the responsibility of doing what a responsible neighbor would do. He took the responsibility of representing not just his nation but also his so called ‘enemy’ nation, India.

This photos, where he can be seen, proudly, carrying Pakistani flag on one shoulder and Indian flag on another, is an example for all those who are still fighting over things that happened 70 years ago.

In his message to Voice of Ram, Aamir wrote, “If one person can represent both the nations in a foreign land, why can’t we do that in our respective countries?”

Why can’t we let our prejudice go and invest our energy in creating an environment that can make both our nations flourish together?

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